Load-Cell Kit Moza SRP Lite compatible

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Train your muscle memory to apply the same amount of braking force every time, so you’ll be able to instinctively develop the ‘feel’ for the maximum braking force without locking the wheels. Say good-bye to ABS assists and join the Pro leagues.

BACKORDERS are usually built and shipped in 3 working days. Each kit is manually assembled, tested and tuned so the stock is never large. We complete every order ASAP since the parts for the kits are always stocked.


Load-Cell Kit Moza SRP Lite compatible

Ready to step to the next level with your Load-Cell Kit Moza SRP Lite compatible?

With the Alien Mods SRP Lite load cell Kit you’ll extract the maximum out of your existing set of pedals by upgrading your brake to the direct force input provided by the load cell sensor. This kit does not emulate the low-end SRP brake since its carefully tuned to react to the slightest input, without the need for artificial sensitivity provided by the positional hall-effect sensor.

The plug&play kit consists of a full bridge flat loadcell paired with a very precise medical instrumentation amplifier packed into the smallest form factor and uses the RJ-11 plug for a seamless integration into the Moza ecosistem (No need for additional USB slots).

Additionally you’ll enjoy the same calibration procedure as for the standard Lite pedals, inside the Moza Pithouse software with the added benefit of choosing your maximum pressure in the range of 5kg – 70kg of force (Sim racing is not leg-day tuesday afterall!). This means you get to choose how hard you need to press the pedal to reach 100% right inside the Pithouse, without needing additional software!

See our install guide here – Alien Mods SRP Lite load cell kit Install Guide

The case is printed in black high strength PETG with 100% infill and can be ordered in other colors too (+1day for fabrication)

Please note that the kit mounts onto the official Performance Kit.

You can also find an extended review of the product made by Michael Smith on his Youtube channel – Michael Smith – Easy Load-cell mod for Moza SRP Lite!

Additional information

Weight ,2 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 × 4 cm
Case Texture

Basic, Reflective, Carbon Fiber

6 reviews for Load-Cell Kit Moza SRP Lite compatible

  1. Alan Haynes (verified owner)

    I ordered the product and received it about 4 weeks later nicely packaged and well protected. The load-cell installed easily and worked flawlessly. I did have a question which was answered promptly, so customer service is good. I would certainly recommend this product if you want to elevate your Moza SRP-Lite pedals to the next level.

  2. valviz (verified owner)

    I received mine a few days ago and dang what a difference. Was already debating on selling my SRP lite pedals, but I found the mod on reddit and gave it a shot. The guy who makes it was very responsive to any questions I had. Even checked up on me to see if everything was good haha. Definitely worth it if you want to take it a step further past the brake performance mod.

  3. koemets.kristjan (verified owner)

    Good packaging. Works well. Seller is very helpful. Highly recommended for the SRP lites.

  4. Thomas Ohara (verified owner)

    product came well packaged and arrived reasonably quick. installation was very simple and it works flawlessly with mozas software. tested it briefly in assetto corsa. seemed to be working perfectly. creator of the mod is also quick to reply to messages, which is great to see.

  5. cam.lloyd.phillips (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this mod for a little over a month now, and it’s exactly as advertised. Easy to install, works seamlessly.

  6. antemajic (verified owner)

    The difference is literally night and day, precision is insane! Nothing much to say than highly recommended if you have SRP lites so that you don’t have to spend a few hundred for load cell pedals.

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